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Camp Reunion Facilities & Location


Dining Hall and Kitchen

Our dining hall and kitchen (pictured left) can seat a group of 75 at round tables, which can be moved so that the dining hall could be used for meetings or other activities. Additional seating outside is available for 15 at three round tables with attached benches. Wifi is accessable from this building as well as the central camp area.

The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, stove, and grill. There are three large sinks for washing dishes, and of course enough dishes and silverware for your whole group. Other utensils and standard equipment like mixers, microwave and a toaster are also ready for use. Ammenities include one large freezer, an industrial sized refrigerator, and a pantry for food storage. Groups which choose to do their own cooking will need someone with a current food handler's permit to supervise the kitchen.

We also have a large barbecue and fire pit outside the dining hall plus fire pits at the beach and the amphitheater.


Our chapel is on the beach side of the Quaker Cove property and has a lovely bay window overlooking Similk Bay. With seating for about 75, the chapel can be used for meetings, seminars, worship, or other activities. You could hook up a projector or other sound and music equipment (not provided).

Private Beach


Quaker Cove has its very own private beach for use by all our visiting groups and camps. The shoreline of the property is about 3/4 of a mile long. The pebbly beach is a blast to explore when the tide is out with lots of clams and crabs to be found*. A bank of driftwood makes for great climbing while also providing a natural barrier between the beach and the grassy area with the firepit. Log and bench seating surrounds the firepit, so you can have a cookout or worship under the stars with the sound of the water lapping on the beach right next to you.

*For clamming, a license must be purchased through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Quaker Cove must approve your request based on our standards for responsible stewardship of our property.



Our amphitheater is located just off of the upper field (pictured here.) Seating accomodates at least 100, making the amphitheater a great place to gather your group for singing or other programming. A fire pit rounds out the ambience with roasting hotdogs or marshmallows, camp songs, and late-night storytelling.

Camp Garden


Volunteers helped us build 10 raised beds which we use in our programs to teach about plants and gardening. Our day campers use the garden to learn hands on about how plants grow and experience the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables! While catering for groups, we take advantage of our fresh produce by showcasing it on our menu.

In the future, we will also offer cooking classes open to the community. Come, bring a friend and learn how to cook fresh and healthy gourmet food right from your own garden!

Upper Field

The larger of our two fields, the upper field can be set up for a game of volleyball (we have a net) or an informal game of soccer and there is

a basketball hoop at one end. There's enough space for just about any field game you could imagine, or many small groups could meet on the grass. A hotspot for tent camping, it sits below the dining hall and near the central restrooms while having a straight shot out the chapel and beach access.

Lower Field

Our second field is just across the highway (through our Quaker Cove pedestrian tunnel) from the upper field and the main camp. It is near the chapel and connects to the path that leads down the hill to our beach. There is a beautiful view from the edge of the field that looks out over Similk Bay. The lower field is large enough for many group games and can also be used for camping.


Quaker Cove has about 20 acres of forest above the main camp, perfect for some exploring, bird watching, or a nature walk. Keep an eye out for some of our newly planted trees. How many plants and animals can you spot from the trail?

Central Restrooms

Our central restrooms are located near the center of the main camp and provide showers and toilets, mainly for those using the summer cabins, tents, and day groups. There are three toilets and two showers in both the men's and women's.



Okay, so canoes aren't exactly a facility, but we've got 'em! We'll be happy to set your group up with canoes and life jackets for a trip to a nearby lake.


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