Camp is three months away and we are rolling...

I am so excited to announce our camp theme for this year is...... "Continuing the Journey" We have all of our Directors in place and we are getting registrations coming in daily. 

I would like to thank our key staff, Sue McMains, Gary McMains, Sam Tremaine, Robin Weiland,

Darrell Weiland, Sherry Cain, Dale Cain, Lisa Litchfield, Eric Litchfield, Tracy Mumm, Nathan Mumm,  Michael Ciolek, Paige Ciolek, Jim Fulcher and Kari Fulcher as each of these people are making this event memorable for all. 

We also have our first look at the Camp logo post on the right.

Make sure to get your registration in before the price increases:

May 16th is the deadline for registration at the current prices. Check it out at

Did you know? There is a payment option so you can pay monthly instead of all at one time. 

We are very excited to have the people coming to camp and it is our hope and prayers that this event will change your life.

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