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How Many Water Balloons?

Wow how times have changed yet somethings remain the same.  As we are getting ready for Camp Reunion, and loading up the game equipment we are amazed at how the simple thing of filling water balloons has evolved. 

When the AMIGOS, did Water Wars and Scud attack we would fill 1000 balloons at camp. This was a good 8-16 hour process. We started with a copper pipe with a few nozzles, then upgraded to a full fledged water housing system.  Even with a nice system this would require teams to fill up water balloons all during free time to allow us to play games.

Now we can fill 300 balloons in less than a minute. So we are thinking can we do a game with over 2,000 water balloons and set the all time record for water balloons at a Camp?  YES WE CAN...

Come explore a brand new game called Apocalypse Attack this year at Camp Reunion.

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