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June 22nd - 25th 2022

What is Camp Reunion

Camp Reunion is a Camp Retreat for Awana Camp Alumni.
What happens when graduate from Awana Camp and can no longer attend camp?  Or would
you like to relive the good times of camp and share them with your family?

Camp Reunion is excite to have moved to a permanent location at Quaker Cove in Anacortes.

Located on Fidalgo Island in Washington State, Quaker Cove is a refreshing place to get away from the busy run of your daily life. Enjoy a full spacious camp experience with a private coastal beach for the evening firesides.

Courtyard Media Foundation, 2122 36th ST SE, Snohomish, WA  98290      |      206-582-9063


Guest Comments about

We can tell you camp is a blast, the best
thing since sliced bread, but hearing it
from our guests is much better.

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What surprised you about Camp Reunion?

  • The fact that it seemed like a family reunion even though I had never met the other people    before.

  • The opportunity to see people we used to go to Awana camp with and being able to bring our child with us!

  • I missed going to camp and wanted to experience it again.

  • The idea of getting to meet up and fellowship with former leaders and campers is what compelled me to take the final step and sign up. Getting to play awesome games certainly wasn't a deterrent either. =)

  • Not a lot. It felt like going to Awana camp in any other year. From the checking in to the flag pole.

  • The way everyone mixed together - no cliques, age and demographics didn’t seem to matter.

  • At how flexible it was and accommodating for young families. We felt very cared for and valued as a family.

What was your favorite part of Camp Reunion?

  • Game times were very fun and age appropriate (including the parents as well) I enjoyed seeing that older people have just as much fun as the kids did. The fire pit was pretty amazingI loved sharing memories and hearing other people's camp memories!

  • Games and family time. (The group time with Jim and Kari was worth the price of camp)

  • The boys liked the swings, the lake and the games. My son especially liked sharks and minnows and the baseball game. My husband and I enjoyed the time spent with the kids and  opportunities to catch up with people.

  • Scud Attack - Gary does gametime like the old days - very fun

  • The Speaker Sam, he had a great message and on