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New Year Resolution "To Connect with past Friends from Scholarship Camps."

Remember last year, or even many years before that... We attended camps,enjoyed the fun, games and most of all the friendships we developed during this time. All was simple then we would have a time during the summer, head on out to camp and forget about the things outside of that experience for a few days. All was great! When it came time to end we would say "let's get together soon" or "let's stay in touch" and even with the best intentions, we would drift away and get busy with our daily lives. Camp Reunion was created with the theme of "Continuing the Journey" for everyone after camp has ended. This is the time that you can set aside on your calendar every other year to make it a priority to see these people again. Mark your calendar for June 24th - 27th to reconnect with your friends at Camp-Reunion at Quaker Cover. Come back to Camp

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